The body and paint job….


After the roof was repaired I moved onto removing the rust on the body work, I had 1.5 weeks left of the garage in doors so needed to move quick. The van had some dents in the side and the size of a football, so I started to fill these with car body filler, allowing to dry then repeat a for a days, I wasn’t aware filler came in different smoothness. In between working on the dents, I started inquiring about paint jobs for the van. I called a few body shops and was quoted between £800 to £3000. I thought the price was a bit ridiculous, so I decided to look into doing the paint myself. I went to the local body paint shop and they managed to find the original Garnet Red colour that I needed. I started by spray painting a light coat on the roof to test it out and I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked. Once I knew that it had a good finish I started to spray the main body


I also needed to replace the windscreen as I cracked it by stupidly using a screwdriver to remove the rubber sear for repair wasn’t a good idea…live and learn.
My friend Chris owns a windscreen repair company and he charged me just £50 supplied and fitted a new one the next day in the garage.

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