Insulation and cables…

Since the outside of the van was nearly finished by repairing the body work and painting I had a few days left to use the garage indoors.
The van was a mini bus so I needed to take out the seats and decided to sell these on eBay to raise some money. I then started to take down the walls and roof panels to discover it already had insulation in them.
I wanted to check the steel on the inside of the van around the windows and lower half for rust but didn’t find any at all which was a surprise for a 17 yer old van.
After taking the ceiling, walls and insulation out I thought it was a good idea to start laying the wires needed to the lights, sockets and charging points. I did a brief floor plan of what I wanted the van inside to look like and this also gave me an idea where wires needed to be.
I ordered some 12v cable then asked my brother Dan to help me as he’s an electrician for a holiday home company….very helpful.
I then bought a roll of silver foil insulation from my local caravan spares shop. This was to be stuck to the inside of the fibre glass ceiling and I used carpet spray adhesive which worked really well. This took a few hours but ended up looking good.
I ordered 4 x 12v led ceiling lights and sockets needed to get this done quickly. Few days later Dan helped me and started the lay cables, before I started to stick the silver foil insulation to the walls and ceiling.
After the cables were fitted by Dan I stuck the wool insulation back to the top half of the walls and the ceiling. I then replaced the walls and newly carpeted ceiling on top of the insulation with Dan’s help as it was a 2 man job.
I then placed the LED lights in the ceiling and this is what it looked like.20160413_205142

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