Taking money on the road…

If you get the chance to save some money before you start to travel it’s always good to have a nice start and it will give you time to think about making money while on the road.
There’s loads of ways to look after your money on the road. The option I chose was to get a Halifax Clarity Credit Card.
I was recommended but a few friends who have this card and one of the great features is that you can draw out as much or as little as you want from an ATM and you get the rate of the conversion that day without any fees. I also use it to buy all my fuel at every gas station and food stores and make sure I choose the option of local currency (Euro or Pzl not the GBP conversion on the pin machine as this tends to be more expensive) I then weekly log into my normal banking and pay off what I have spent that week.
Few advantages for this are:
  1. Saves having lots of money in person (risk of losing or stolen)
  2. Secure. Having the small amount of money in person.
  3. Easy to track your spending from your Credit Card Statement.
  4. No transaction fees or interest rates.

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