Vanlife Fitness…

I’m not writing this blog to tell people how to keep fit while on the road because everyone has their own type of training and methods of keeping fit and eating habits. As a Personal trainer and previous Gym Manager, I was just interested how people kept fit while on the road.
I’ve seen lots of vanlifers getting involved with activities like Rock Climbing, Yoga, Surfing, Swimming etc which is brilliant because it’s all natural and if you can have a hobby like surfing to do on the road it’s something you love and you’re getting fit at the same time.
After I’d been on the road for the first month I noticed a massive difference between those who drive for work and those who drive for pleasure. Take a high percent of lorry drivers who drive long hours, sleep stupid times of the day, eat in their little cabins or eat takeaways, and don’t get much exercise…..these are the ones that are more likely to be overweight.
My hobbies I enjoyed back in the UK was to hike and mountain biking. I didn’t go to the gym a lot as it was my place of work and still felt like work as you’d get asked lots of questions while working out.
You may have seen the first week of my travels in France I went bouldering in Fontainebleau for a friends stag do…..again little equipment, free and fairly safe. This was a great way to get fit and using all muscles in the body and raising your heart rate.
(F.E.A.R) Free Easy Active Ready. Exercise can be FREE, Keep it simple and EASY to do, Stay ACTIVE keep moving when not driving, Be READY – when you have that feeling to exercise….Just Go!
I’ve put in place a few simple rules for myself to help keep fit while travelling….
  1. If I drive/train/bus etc for 60 minutes….I must walk and explore for 60 minutes…..or a jog for 30 minutes.
  2. Don’t eat or drink alcohol after 7-7.30pm (well most of the time). Food and drink energy stores as fat if it’s not burn’t off during the day. If you sleep on a full stomach this is easily stored as fat while sleeping because your not using any energy
  3. Binge eating can kick in and before you know it you’re consuming more Calories than your body will burn that day, this is mostly done while driving .
  4. Limit alcohol to 2-3 times a week max. I’m a beer lover and yes I’m exploring places in Europe for the World Best Beers but I make sure I have a good workout before I go out….and a workout the next day to get rid of the toxins.
  5. Drink plenty of water. 4 litres a day minimum.
In Europe I’ve seen more planned routes for the public to enjoy and more of the park self body weight machines… the UK these are normally installed and then not used much. In Europe I’ve seen more people use these types of park fitness equipment, later today I saw a whole group from a school taking part in this type of exercise during the day.

Today I went for a 14km jog which was planned by the local town to run or cycle around the lake. I then had a TRX workout which I hook to the side of my van to tone my chest, arms, back and legs. Minimum equipment, Free to use and 1500 Kcal burnt off… today was a good workout day.


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