South of Greece, my goal destination…

The destination, South of Greece…
Up to now, I haven’t written blogs about locations and they were a reason for this. Once I return back to the UK I wanted to reflect on my journey so far and use the notes I’ve taken every week while I’ve been on the road, but as a one-off, I wanted to write this blog about today as it personally was the most enjoyable day of my vanlife journey so far.
So firstly when I was in the UK getting ideas where to travel in Europe, one of the locations was the most Southern point of mainland Greece where I could get my van as close to that point as possible, the location was Ekklisisa Agios Georgios little chapel and Agia Irini Monastery with its Santorini white building overlooking the beautiful dark blue sea . Some people would say the Lighthouse Tenaro is the most southern point but you have to walk 40 minutes south to reach this, however, my point has the most Southern road point to drive a van parallel with these points then walk 2.5km along the cliffs to reach the locations. Both the Monastery and the Chapel had Bells on them which I really wanted to ring as a sign of my location had been reached.
The day started with waking up to a beautiful sunrise in a place called Monemvasia, Greece and my first thoughts were today is going to be a good day. I had my morning workout, shower and breakfast then said bye to Tony & Romaine from the UK, a great cool, super friendly, a retired couple I met a few days before who are travelling Europe in their motorhome. They were impressed with my van as I said I built myself and told them how little it cost me to build.
I left mid-morning and started to head South, I had about 2-3 hour drive through some more mountains and little villages and finally arrived at the South coast. The road turned interested and basically was off-road driving heading down this track for 6km which took 25 minutes I had to go that slow, I reached the end of the track (Co-Ordinates 36.4392606, 23.1726793)
Then I left the van to walk a further 2.5km to the Monastery. The views were amazing and although the path looks dangerously close to the edge of the cliff it was quite safe once you got up there, just make sure you follow the red painted spots along the coast.
Take a large bottle of water and some lunch to enjoy once you arrive as you take in the view. My goal was to ring the bell and I enjoyed beer to celebrate……and I did!
I also carried my drone to the end and got some great videos which you can see on my Instagram page.
After leaving the South coast I went to look for a spot to stay the night and I also needed to find somewhere to fill up my water and get shower somewhere quiet. The first major town I came to  was and I parked up on the promenade but by chance I was outside a hotel “Limira Mare” that was closed for the season, there was a tap still working so I filled my water, cooked some food in the van, then realised the beach had some great showers, so I got a shower on the beach while the sun was setting, bliss.
As it was getting dark I wanted to get a bit further North so I looked on Park4Night App and found a quiet place called Plitra next to a port. While driving a stopped to take a photo of the lines in the centre of the road with the distance sunset in the background. This pretty much summed up my day has been one of the best since I’ve started my travels.

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