VW Crafter Self Build…. during Covid-19

Hey guys, it’s been a very long time since I blogged anything on the good old Blog. I hope your safe and well during these hard times and kept yourself busy and keeping your mindset on the straight and narrow.

I started lockdown in March like many others since the gyms were closed at the back end of March. I started the first few weeks finishing some projects that I’ve tried to get done over the past year in my spare time. I managed to get the horsebox trailer finished and sold, plus another horsebox painted and sold for a customer to convert himself for a wedding photo booth.

After week 5 of lockdown, I decided to buy a second hand VW Crafter MWB.  The reason for this is that I’m selling my Luton Campervan as I wanted to downsize the van for when I hit Europe again in the future, plus the fuel mileage. To make it easier to explain the progress of the build, I have made a few YouTube timelapse videos that I have posted and included the links below.

I hope you enjoy, and your welcome to ask any questions below in the comments section and I’ll hopefully answer them for you.

Stay safe and well.




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