21’000 people in the UK registered their vans as dwellings this year…. and still, a few people are negative about vanlife privacy.

21’000 people in the UK registered their vans as dwellings this year…. and still, a few are negative about vanlife privacy.

People living in vans, cars or anything that moves has happened since the bloody wheel was invented in 3500BC and greeks slept in wheelbarrows. Yet lately there’s been a lot of negativity about people been public about living in a van……..especially after myself and some other van dwellers were asked by the BBC to answer some questions for a couple about life on the road in the UK and offer any advice we may have to help them with their van build.

The 3-minute short film was watched by millions, and I went down to the BBC in London to answer some more questions live on The One Show. Again the whole experience was positive and even some celebrities messaged saying they used to live in similar situations while working on the road for long periods of time, which is exactly what I do as I work around the UK and live in my van in all the locations.

I also love the fact some people think we’re forced to live in vans because of the “housing crisis”, well just remember, there’s no “right way” to live, we all have a choice which path we wish to take, and how we live our lives. It’s those who set rules, earning money that at the end of the day doesn’t make them happy…… and this is why the UK is on its arse.

You only live once, Live it, and use the time you complain to start thinking about your own life to start enjoying.

BBC Campervn interview

If you’re still looking to buy or convert your own van to your home don’t let anyone change your mind or put negative thoughts in your head. In my last post, I tried to cover some of the questions that people had asked me about the legalities and safety of vanlife…..

Vanlife in the UK, The legal bits….

Vanlife gathering



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