Fixing the LPG Propex heater…

In the UK the winter temperature hasn’t dropped lower than 0 degrees before December, but while I’m working around the UK for work the temperature in the van was dropping quite low overnight.
As you know I did have a stove on the van but I removed it in summer because of the weight and I hadn’t fully finished installing it. I removed this in summer and installed a sofa/ bed instead for my friends who I go to festivals to stay on.
I came up with the idea to take the propex heater out of the campervan I was rebuilding and modernising (the ford transit), I already had the refillable LPG bottle installed and the pipework for the 2 cooker hobs, so I just needed to make the gas line to the heater too. So I set this up with a 12v supply and little did I know when I went to install this in my Sprinter Luton it didn’t work….. bugger.
The heater was flashing 3 times, after checking on the propex website – 3 red flashes meant “Low Voltage”. I checked the cables with a voltage checker from the battery all the way to the propex heater and this was fine at 12.8v, so I asked a good friend Mike @vandogtraveller to see if he could find something I couldn’t. Mike had fixed his propex heater a few years ago before he set off for Europe.
Cutting a long story short, Mike did his best by looking at the circuit board but couldn’t find the fault, he even called Propex the next morning but they recommended sending the circuit board in, so he recommended me to contact Propex to send the circuit board to be looked at. I then sent an email explaining the situation and sent first class recorded post on the Tuesday and received a call at 11am the very next day saying looked at the board and I needed a new one, costing £165 delivered and it came the very next day. They couldn’t be any more helpful or sufficient.
I then refitted the heater in the campervan, tested and worked perfect, I also placed a kickboard underneath the cupboard to reduce some of the noise from the fan in the heater. Just so happy to get some heat back into the van for the cold winter nights.

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