Interview with BBC radio…

Tuesday 13th November……. I’m sat in the Luton van after finishing work in Derby, and I’m waiting for my interview for a programme on BBC Radio Humberside at 7pm. A few weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend called Lucy who works for the BBC radio station. She asked if I would take part in an interview about me living in a van and traveling Europe in my self-build camper. What Lucy didn’t know is that I was asked a few months ago after bumping into a lady at Freedom Festival in September after she spotted my Campervan. Life logo on my t-shirt.
BBC Campervn interview
Anyway, I agreed to meet up with Lucy on a weekend when I was back in my hometown Hull. Sunday lunchtime and Lucy is waiting for me at Hull marina near the fruit market. We actually sat in the front of the van and started the interview started as Lucy asked me questions about the first van I converted, my journey in Europe and why I live in the van full time now in the UK.
The radio show “Happy Campers” that includes my 3 sections of the interview is available to listen online at:
This will be for a period of time but not sure how long for. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

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