Phi Phi Island….Thailand

Phi Phi island. (Catching up)
I arrive at Phi Phi via the boat from Phuket. The trip took 2 hours for just 350 baht and that was from getting collected from my hotel in Patong beach. You arrive on the island and they charge you 20 baht for a litter/cleaning charge of the streets. I’ll be honest the streets are slightly cleaner here for the number of people who visit. There’s no transport like cars or bikes on the island and when you come off the ferry you will be greeted by locals who will offer to carry your bags using a trolly. The only transport is the long boats to other islands if you wish to explore, or if your hotel is further down the beach.
They’re two sides of the island you can stay, the side you arrive on is the quieter side, but I didn’t know this and booked the first 2 nights at Stones hostel where they throw the full moon parties until 3am, and my room was the closest to the bloody loudest rave, lesson learnt to read reviews first before you book if you want somewhere quiet, I didn’t mind in the end after meeting the guys in my room.
Tonight I’m staying the chilled side overlooking the bay.
Once again I’ve met some cool people in these hostels to chill and have some drinks with, I’m looking to book a boat trip but I don’t think it will beat last week with Toni, Nick, Marc and Connie. The first night, myself Laura, Renee and Anna from my hostel went to the Banana rooftop bar as they were showing the Beach film (obviously) on the big screens which were quite cool as it was filmed just on the next island you can get a boat to.
The next day we had a chilled beach day and tested the inflatable loungers again that we bought for just 300 baht a few days ago in Patong. After a few hours, I was burnt and ready for a chilled water and a power nap.
The food and drink on Phi Phi is slightly more expensive but it’s understandable since everything will be imported from the mainland. I was planning to get to Krabi tomorrow on the ferry for 350 baht and by chance, the two Dutch girls, Renee and Anna had a spare one-way ticket for me from a friend who went home early…..thank you girls.
Just before I started to plan to get to Krabi, my close friend Tyler from back in the UK messaged me to say he had just arrived on the island so I arranged to meet him while I was with Laura and Steph from my hostel. We headed to the bars down the strip for some drinks and ended up playing beer pong and headed back near our hostel for the full moon style beach parties.
Later we met Tyler and Cam and headed to the bars and to be honest I couldn’t remember much after the last few bars.
The next day I arranged to meet Tyler and Cam at their hotel further up the beach towards The Only bar, when I arrived at their hotel I found the lads in the infinity pool…..and my first thought was to jump straight into the pool and have a beer in the 30 degrees sun overlooking the bay.
We put some tunes on and chilled. Later on, we headed to the Ibiza Hotel Pool Party which was fun but the tunes could have been better lol.
We invited Steph and she joined us at the pool for a beer before we headed for a shake……magic. For some reason, (wink wink)I got the giggles for a few hours and lost a stone in tears, and I couldn’t for the life of me know why. All in all, it was a great night, great friends and sadly I had to leave the next day but I was meeting up with Tyler and Cam in Koh Tao for Christmas.

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