Phuket and Phang Nga Bay…

Phuket – Thailand
I met these awesome people in Bangkok for a drink the night before my flight including Lexa who I met three weeks ago in Frankfurt when I was travelling in my campervan and a backpacker/camper from Turkey called Yolda (Please like her Instagram page and blog youtube channel  )
I boarded the plane from Bangkok to Phuket the next day and after arriving at Phuket airport I asked for prices to my friends house in Talang, Phuket….and they were charging 700 baht but when I looked on Grab (like Uber) it was saying just 480 baht…..the problem with getting a grab from the airport you must walk to the main road as Grab cars aren’t allowed on the airport grounds because other firms have the license to pick people up from here, outside the grounds is fine.
Once I were picked up we headed for my friend Toni’s place and she was still working so I got my head down for a few much needed hours sleep.  I finally caught up with Toni and also met Toni’s partner Nick.
The next day I went down to the Phuket Dog Shelter (where Toni works) and volunteered for the morning helping clean out the kennels, met some of the dogs, help feed and clean them. I also met Marc and Connie who volunteer there too and I’ve got to say I have a lot of respect for the work these guys do for the dogs. If you’re looking to donate to be a patreon please donate to this great cause
In the afternoon Toni teaches so myself and Nick (Toni’s boyfriend) went for a trip to the beach to chill in the sun, this was the first time I’ve seen the beach properly since driving through Italy.
Phang Nga Bay – Thailand
The next day all five of us left for the coast of Phang Nga Bay at a place called Takua Thung, Toni and Nick cycled and left earlier in the morning and me, Marc and Connie went on Scooters and took about an hour to arrive. We arrived at the port and started to ask about prices to the islands around like James Bond Island, we met a guy called Abdul and he offered to take all out on his boat all day for 2500 baht – 500 each. We headed to James Bond island but didn’t go to the island as it costs another 300 baht each to actually go on the island, it also looked to crowed so we asked Abdul to take us to a quieter beach to chill for a few hours, so we headed for an island but on the way went to a few islands with sea caves and had a walk around and Abdul gave us some torches. After the caves, we headed for an island beach and to our surprise, it was empty and had the full beach to ourselves which was pretty awesome.
We headed back to the mainland after a few hours because we ran out of beer and water but did get some great footage on the Gopro which I made a quick video. We all had some food back at the port of Takua Thung, one of the best things about this place was there weren’t many tourists at this side of the bay which was more relaxed. After we had something to eat, Nick had booked a campsite (Samet Nangshe Viewpoint campsite) which was overlooking the bay. The walk up was really steep and you can get a 4×4 up for 60 baht return which we do the second time after finding an ATM at a village 6 mile away.
When we arrived at the top the view was simply out of this world and well worth the climb. The tents were already set up for us and only cost 350 baht per 2 man tent and that included clean bedding. We watched the sunset and relaxed at the top of the hill.
In the evening we wanted food again so the camp owners radio called our order to be delivered which was awesome, it was also the night of the meteor shower and we saw quite a few shooting stars in the night sky.
When we returned back to Toni and Nick’s I started to edit the footage and made this quick video of the day.

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