Elephants in Thailand…

So after a crazy night having some drinks in the hostel with some English, American, Canadian and Australian I made the mistake of not sleeping before the bus came at 5.30am to collect me for the Elephant sanctuary. I had a little much-needed nap on the truck as the sanctuary was over an hour away but also met Simon and Laura from Canada and Lesley and Meg from the USA who were great people, I felt sorry for them because of the state I was in at the start of the day, sorry guys.
We came off the main roads and suddenly hit some lovely green Thailand countryside.
We arrived at the camp and was greeted by the staff at camp 9 in the countryside which the views were stunning. We had a little welcome chat and introduced ourselves to each other about some rules how to feed the elephants by saying BonBon and getting close to them. We fed them Bananas and Pineapple. The baby elephants weren’t allowed to eat the green ones but the larger elephants pretty much ate everything.
We then were allowed to go over the fence and have a play with them and take selfies/photos with them. After a while, we then got ready to go into the water and bathe the elephants, because our group was so small we had just 15 people to 5 elephants which were awesome.
I was told some sanctuary’s in Thailand don’t treat their elephants very well but everyone in my hostel went to different sanctuary’s and all said they treated them well. I’m currently writing this in the South of Thailand and I’ve seen people ride Elephants down the road which is wrong in my eyes.
This is the one I went to and it was brilliant and relaxed and treated their elephants nice https://www.elephantjunglesanctuary.com/

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