Getting the train around Thailand…

Train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.
I wanted to visit Chiang Mai and started to look at flights for £70 return, but when you add luggage this can double in price.  Saves the luggage cost of the airline. didn’t think of this before I left as the luggage was included in my flight from the UK.
After speaking to a few travellers in my hostel I was staying at, they recommended a website called “12go” ( to book buses and trains…even some flights. I had a look at trains to Chiang Mai and found they leave a few times a day so I booked the 6.10pm for later that day and arriving at 7.30am the next morning, this only cost… travel 360 miles and was only 1290 baht, but I also got 100 baht back when I collected my ticket as I selected the top bunk for that night… 1190 baht = £27.
If you’re leaving Bangkok you have to collect your ticket from a building across the road of the station (DOB building), don’t leave until last minute and miss your train like I nearly did.
Few tips – take some food and drinks on the train s the food served isn’t great and also a word of warning, don’t drink beer on the train….I got asked to throw it away and I saw the police take the details of a group of lads also drinking beer. It’s a new law apparently but the last thing you want is to be in trouble in Thailand.

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