Getting to Thailand….

Getting to Thailand…..from Hull, UK 😉
I’m flying from Manchester Airport to Thailand so getting the train from Hull to Manchester the night before is easier so I can enjoy the Christmas markets with a friend who lives in Manchester.
Train from Hull to Manchester – 2 hours.
The train was £19 single (I personally use TheTrainline App as it’s easy to use) and the flights to Thailand was just £380 return with a stop off in Abu Dhabi (To book flights I use the App). I’ve booked a hostel the first 3 days in Bangkok and literally seeing what happens. I’ll be looking to get to Ko Tao for Christmas day to spend with a friend who is there for holiday.
The flight to Bangkok from Manchester was really good and easy. I flew with Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi. The first flight was 7 hours and the 2nd was just 6 hours with a connection of 2 hours in Abu Dhabi.
Manchester to Bangkok, Via Abu Dhabi.
Free meals and drinks on both flights and I even got 3 seats empty so I could lay down for a sleep (first ever sleep on a plane)….bonus.
When I arrived at Bangkok airport I got the train from Suvarnabhumi (airport station) to Phaya Thai station costing just 45tbh (£1 Gbp). I then tried to get the bus but couldn’t find the correct stop so I got a TukTuk for 150 baht for the rest of the way, quite fun to ride. I was told before by a friend to keep an eye and hold your bag on the TukTuk as people can ride by and grab it, just be careful.
I checked into the Hostel “Once Again Hostel” then went for a little walk for some food and drink before going to bed.
Getting around Bangkok. 
I woke up after a surprisingly good sleep in the hostel “Once again Hostel” (only £5 per night) and had my complimentary breakfast and a coffee to wake up, after using the free WiFi to check my emails I left to explore the area near my hostel as it was quite central near the Giant Swing (that has scaffolding around it at the moment) and saw the Wat Suthat. I then started to walk towards the Grand Palace (open 10am-3pm) which was 500 baht for entry. Note if you wear shorts or a dress you have to buy some bottoms for 200 baht to cover your legs to respect their religion.
The Palace was really nice, busy but worth a visit to see the palaces and temples built by previous kings etc. If you’re lucky you will also see the changing of the guards. I then went for some lunch at a local Thai soup (50 baht) place and ate this while watching the busy street life of the market stalls and manic traffic.
I also wanted to visit some of the location spots from the film Hangover 2 so I then went for a walk towards Chinatown and then took the water ferry (just 15 baht) towards the State Tower.
You can take TukTuks around the city or the Meter Taxi’s are reasonable. Sometimes the TukTuks will overcharge you but it’s hard to judge the price. For example, the first day I got a TukTuk from the train station to my hostel for 150 baht (£3.40) which I thought was okay for 15 min drive, but then I got a meter taxi when I left Bangkok to the station and this was just 60 baht (£1.40). The TukTuk is an experience to try but try and get an agreed price first. Also, Bangkok doesn’t have Uber, but they do have “Grab” which I did download and used a few times but these are slightly more than the meter taxi’s but at least you know how much the final cost is.

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