Getting ready for Thailand…

As I return to the UK for the winter months I’ve still been living in the van but it’s getting very cold.
The moment I started to head North in Italy the weather started to change and the temperature began to drop. When I went through the tunnel from Switzerland to Germany, the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and the view of the snow-capped mountains was really something.
When I came out the other side of the 19km long tunnel the weather was grey, wet and colder. Since then the weather hasn’t been as good as the previous 5 months, the solar panel wasn’t getting as much sun as it was lower in the sky because I travelled more North and the winter sun is always lower in the sky.
In the last few weeks, I visited some great cities in like Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Stasbourg, Brussels and Ghent before I got the ferry back to Dover from Dunkirk.
I’ve decided to give the Campervan some much needed rest and travel to Thailand for December.
I’ve found some work for my previous employer to raise some funds before I head to Thailand.  I’ll be returning to the UK in 2018 where I will be building another Campervan to live in full time in the UK. I would like to share this journey with you, starting with the places I visit in Thailand. I will also share the next Campervan build step by step to help those who may need some advice.
I caught up with friends and family the week I was back in the UK and went to my friends 30th birthday and seeing all my friends. Finally getting a copy of my friend Mike’s book (Vandogtraveller).
Catching up with my family and having a night out in Manchester with friends Adam and James at the Manchester Christmas markets, a visit to Nando’s and playing ping pong in a random club.

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