Dream. Build. Explore. Discover and Live…

My slogan for my personal blog is Dream. Build. Explore. Discover. and Live
We’re surrounded by people who are stuck in a strut by getting married, having kids because they think they must do it because it’s time and it’s how it works, buying big houses that people just can’t afford, getting into debt and so on.
As a fitness personal trainer, I’ve noticed the world becoming more overweight very quickly.
We consume the wrong foods and drink at the wrong times of the day, leading to us feeling unhappy, sad, and lazy.
We will eat things to give us 5 minutes of pleasure but then gives us a lifetime of unhappiness because of the way we look.
We need to make ourselves truly happy and making sure we don’t make anyone unhappy by doing this.
If you want to change, don’t wait until tomorrow.
The difference is what you’re going to do about it NOW?
I decided to take a year out and travel, not because everyone else was doing it, yes I was inspired by some close people but I did it for myself because I had a DREAM. To see the world and learn what world do we live in today.
To drop my job, build my own van home BUILD, to not say bye to certain people who have past away, to not support those who have lost someone themselves, to not congratulate those face to face who have brought life into this world has been the hardest parts of my life……. but my god the positive outcomes from this journey while I’ve been EXPLORING so far has been amazing and truly inspiring.
The following is a personal view of what I have DISCOVERED while I’ve been travelling Europe.
Diet – Experiencing foods with just 1 ingredient that grew, planted, swam, or roamed a field naturally.
Exercise – I exercise every day now without even thinking, it makes me happy, warms me up after a cold night and sets the body up for the day. Doesn’t have to be long or even hard. Get the blood flowing and feel good about yourself.
The environment – Solar power, Wind power, Water waste, Pollution, Recycling while travelling has all had some influence in my life.
Friendships – I’ve met some amazing people on the road whether they are local or travelling themselves. I’ve noticed these people who I’ve met while travelling has been happy, full of energy and positive.
I can truly hand on heart say I’m now LIVING my life and even when I return I will continue to LIVE my life to the fullest and try to inspire, engage and support with as many people as I can to start LIVING their lives too.
We don’t just LIVE once, We LIVE every day when we wake up to make today count.

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