Personal safety on the road…

This is going to sound a bit weird to say this but before I left the UK I didn’t really think too much about safety while out exploring a city or going for a hike up a mountain. Yes, we can trip or fall anywhere but then at home, you’re never too far to get help or visit a doctor or hospital.
Took the First Aid kit when I climbed Mount Etna.
When I was in Paris I fell over and twisted my ankle stepping off a curb on the roadside. I literally laid there for 5 minutes in pain until I could move again, I then hobbled to a Pharmacy and bought some ICE/HOT Spray (like deep heat but cool) for just 5 Euros. It worked a treat and was able to continue my walk. A week later in Berlin, I smashed my knee into my van door…yes it sounds like I’m clumsy but again had to use the ice spray.
It is important to take a small first aid kit on the road in Europe as it should be in your Europe roadside kit but remember to take it with you if you’re leaving the van, even something small.
I bought a smaller first aid kit that I can take out with me when I go exploring.
When I’m in the van I have a few safety features installed just so I have peace of mind and know that I’m as safe as I can be. The features I have for safety are:
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire blanket
  • Fire smoke alarm
  • 2 x Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Extra locks on the inside of the doors
  • LED Floodlights outside the van
  • LPG Gas bottle shut off valve (turned off when I’m driving)

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