Equipment and tools to help Vanlife situations…

Equipment and tools to help situations….
I’m nearly 6000 miles into my journey and I’m currently in Montenegro writing this while I watch the cruise ships dock into Kotor. My van has been amazing so far regarding faults with the engine etc. Today my van wouldn’t start, I just got this clicking when I turned the key. I tried a few things like checking the battery with a voltmeter, knocking the starter motor if it was jammed (sign of it on its way out) but everything tested okay….well that’s what I thought.
Before I left the UK I had a VW caddy and actually got my friend Dave (Mechanic) to show me how to service my Caddy and change the starter motor, plus before I left I serviced this van so it was road ready.
From this day I started to think what tools I would need to take with me on the road in case I break down….like I have done now.
This is a list of tools I have brought with me that are effective but don’t take up too much space.
  1. Spanners
  2. Adjustable spanner (use for LPG gas bottle)
  3. Socket set
  4. Van Jack to raise the van for easier access underneath (eg: change wheel)
  5. Warning Triangle, 2 High Viz Vest, 2 Breathalysers, First aid kit – all the Law to carry in France.
  6. Box of gloves (advice from a mechanic)
  7. Voltmeter to check my van battery and leisure battery if needed
  8. High-quality thick Jump Leads for 2.5l van or more.
  9. Drill (small) and drill pieces
  10. WD40 spray (2 cans) been in dry or wet conditions can cause problems. WD40 will drive out any moisture caused by rain or wet conditions, also lubricate moving parts in the engine.
  11. Battery charger (12v 4amp) – can connect to leisure batteries
  12. Tire inflator and puncture repair spray
  13. A spare smaller inverter 500w (in case the one I’m using breaks)
  14. Thick tow rope for 3.5 ton (never know if you or another vanner will need help)
  15. Tool bag with screwdrivers, screws, hammer, and some of the above fits in here.

I often get asked why I carry a battery charger since I have my solar on the roof charging my leisure batteries, well today I tried charging my van battery from my leisure batteries via the inverter and charger. It did work and this is how I found out my van battery wasn’t holding its charge after I left it a few hours to charge. This also made me check if my split charger was
working properly as it really should keep both batteries charged above a set level.
Up to now, I’ve only had to use the charger once to double check my battery needed replacing because it wasn’t holding its charge. So I had to buy a new 95amp hour van battery for 71 Euro in Montegnegro, which was interesting trying to carry a battery for 2 miles so my trusty little scooter came handy.
Photo Instagram: Campervanbuuren
Happy to say the van is running well like it used to be and I’m heading South to Greece.

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