Utility bills: Vanlife vs Home

Utility bills: Vanlife vs Home
Do we have to pay 100’s £’s on rent, utility bills, food/drink? I’m currently a homeowner and currently rented this out. I personally think the cost of living these days is ridiculous.
Let’s take Gas and Electric that we pay at home…this is supplied to our homes but for a hefty cost with prices rising every year by 5%-12% and a monthly average of £50-£75 per month for Duel fuel Gas and Electric. I’ve been on the road for 3 months now and guess how much I’ve spent on Gas and Electric?……. £3. It cost £6 to fill my refillable LPG gas bottle before I left and I’ve used half of the bottle.
My electric is FREE which is generated from my 175w solar panel stuck to my roof.
Now compare this with the £180 my tenants have paid for Gas and Electric in my house in the past 3 months.
I pay road tax in the UK like everyone else and some Europe countries you have to pay the road tax when you enter their country (check online for these charges)
Food – I buy as and when I need it, I spend £15-£20 a week on food because I don’t waste any food at all because of the limited space I have in my fridge and storage cupboards.
Water – I only buy bottled water to drink (20p for 2 litres on average) and for washing and showering I find water on the road and fill 2 x 20l tanks (see my blog about finding water on the road).
Beer – as you can see I always have a few on board for when I meet new people on the road 🙂

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