Travel, Motorhome and Life Insurance…

Travel, Motorhome and Life insurance.

I left the UK with worldwide travel insurance, this is something I’ve always had as I do travel a lot and it’s been cheaper to buy annual worldwide cover and costs between £30-£40. This covers me for loss of Passport, personal injury, travel items and health/ medical treatment.

I also have the European Health Insurance Card which does cover me if I get injured in Europe to receive treatment like we do in the UK and it’s then charged back to the health cover like I would if I was at home. I’ve always had this card with me when I’ve been on holiday in Europe.

Van Motorhome Insurance – my first insurance policy was with BG Insurance as I took this policy out before I headed to Scotland in the UK for £210, with this policy you receive 90 days European cover for the year, this was fine as the first 9 months I was in the UK and 3 months in Mainland Europe. I also had to up my mileage as I originally had just 5000 miles but had to up this to 9000 miles and cost me another £50 in admin fees.
This policy has currently run out and I wanted to look for a policy that gives me longer than 90 days in Europe so I shopped around and I’m now with Adrian Flux and came out less on price at just £190, this also allows me to drive other vehicles on a third party, fire theft basis.

Health insurance – this is something I had before I started my travels. As a homeowner, I wanted to protect everything I could from the mortgage of my house to the support of my family if I have an accident or die. My family have copies of these documents and I have copies with me too. The reason for this is because I’m travelling solo.

Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I have a file with me to make things easier if local authorities or police ask for these details, I have been pulled over by the Police (just checking who I am, is the van safe and insured) Makes the job quick and easy so you can continue enjoying van life in Europe.

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