Where do I get water from…

Since I’ve been on the road I’ve found many places to get water to wash and cook with, I’ve never drunk the water from these places. Places like Lidl and cheap supermarkets sell bottled water cheap enough and I normally by 12 x 2 litre bottles a time. Don’t buy water from places like service/petrol stations as these can be expensive.
These are a few places I’ve found water to fill up my 2 x 25 litre containers while on the road.
Service/Petrol stations – if the gas station has a car wash there is sometimes one near the pumps or just outside the toilet area.
Campsites – If you can get on a campsite that has motorhomes on they will normally have a tap to fill up your water, I found this when I went on a site to wash my clothes in France and Poland.
Friends house/ place of work – I’ve recently been meeting locals in the places I have visited, Once I’ve told them my story they have offered to fill up my water tanks. I met a few groups of fireman from Hungary, Czech Republic, Gibraltar, and Portugal at a competition in Poland and they have all offered to visit their stations when passing by and last week a friend Mirek from Prague did just that….plus a coffee while showing me his station….thank you Mirek 🙂
Village/Town centres – I’ve visited quite a few villages and towns while passing. While stopping to take in some views I’ve noticed water points to fill up your water. One village in the Czech Republic had 4 in the square….locals must get thirsty.
Parks – I’ve found many parks in Europe have taps that people can fill up their bottles if running or walking their dogs etc, some of these points have been close enough to roads for me to get close enough to carry my water containers.

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