Washing clothes and keeping myself clean…

I’ve been asked a few times on Instagram how I’m keeping my clothes clean, and how do I keep myself clean.
Keeping myself clean is easy, I have a shower off the back door which when I open the back door the flat square (rain type) shower head folds up and works off a pump from a bucket of water. I did have an LPG shower heater but it wasn’t reliable so I sent it back. While in Europe it’s been too hot so a nice cool shower has been perfect, the water isn’t too cold as it’s been in the van all day.

My pump also broke on this so now I place the water tank on the roof and turn on the tap and it used gravity, it’s actually better because it uses less water than using a pump.
I also have a sink in the van that I use for everything from washing my dishes, brushing my teeth, having a wash and washing the odd bit of clothing if small enough like a t-shirt or shorts.

For larger items, I have been visiting laundrettes (Speed Queen Laundrettes are good because they have free WiFi while you wait.

I’ve also used washing machines in hostels or on campsites. Most places will let you use their machines even if you’re not staying there. I once used one on a campsite I was passing and they had a pool so I went for a swim and got a shower while I was waiting for my clothes to wash.

Other times was in Berlin and Prague Plus Hostel have washing facilities on site and if you ask they will let you too because you’re spending money on their site, (all these cost about £2-£4 for a wash) and I brought some washing tablets from home, if you have time to hang up and dry do this back at the van but if not then you can use the dryers on site too. Another good reason for using hostels is that while you’re waiting you get to meet new people travelling and most places will have free WiFi too.

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