Vanlifer of the day :-) …Thank you

Last week I was approached by Camper Lifestyle via Instagram and Vanlife Magazine (linked company). They wanted to know why I was inspired to experience and live the vanlife way. This is what I wrote and hope it inspires and helps anyone convert their own van and go travelling.

Hi i’m Phil from Hull, UK. I was inspired by lots of people to travel Europe in a converted van but mostly by my friend Mike (Vandogtraveller). I bought my van (1999 Ford Smiley Transit) which was a minibus before I converted it and was in a mess, so I gave it a 2nd life. The conversion took about 8 months then a further 4 months testing it on trips around the UK so it was ready for Europe. All of the work was done on evenings and weekends around my full time job managing a gym. I tried to keep the costs down so I used a lot of recycled items such as the sink, carpet, worktop, cushions for the bed and storage. I had to work on the bodywork of the van first as the roof leaked and lots of rust everywhere, I then spray painted the van myself back to the original colour…again to keep the cost down. I spent just £900 on the van and a further £1700 converting the van into a camper.
In May 2017 I left the UK to travel around Europe starting with France, Luxembourg, Germany and i’m currently in Poland. The idea to visit about 18-21 different countries in the year but this could change. As I’m traveling alone I have friends coming out to visit and travel with me in places like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.
It would be great if you join me on my journey while I Explore & Discover new places in Europe @campervanbuuren on Instagram and Facebook

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