Storkow Festival, Germany…

Saturday 10th June. I’ve left Berlin and visited a small town called Storkow. I’m sat in the sun eating Bratwurst in the middle of a local festival called Tag Der Bundeswehr listening to a brass band playing Michael Jackson Thriller….random but actually good. The local Army have brought their vehicles to show off and the odd fly by from the air force. I will be the only English person here. The brass band are now playing the Pink Panther theme tune..thought it was funny. I left the festival and headed for a nearby lake beach about 10 minute drive away and relaxed in the sun. I then had some food in the van there and drove back to the town of Storkow. I found a spot to park just for the night but when I got my head down I could hear the music from the festival as more up-tempo music and couldn’t sleep. For some reason, I got out of bed and drove closer and parked in Lidl and walked into the event which 100’s were dancing.

I got a beer and watched for a while enjoying the tunes. I randomly asked a group of people what time it finished as I knew I couldn’t sleep until after. No-one understood my English but were friendly. Then a woman said she spoke little English and said it finished at 2 am. We then got talking and next thing is I’m showing them my van that I built, we have a few more drinks and listened to some more tunes….then the sun came up so I got the drone up and filmed the sunrise and they were impressed with the drone.

I made Katja a coffee as they weren’t going to bed then I  went to sleep but only had 2 hours….when I woke I found they bought me breakfast from the bakery and tucked it under my windscreen wiper (not ticket this time lol)

It also had her number to text her if I wanted to meet them later….which I did and met them at their town lake beach in the sun. We all received a foot sand rub for laughs from a friend’s daughter and then met the children so I got my body board from the van and went for a swim, had great fun with hardly any English spoken which was hard but fun too.

Shows you can have fun anytime if you’re willing to just do it. Jorg had a UK inverter he couldn’t use so he also gave me that so I gave them an Explore & Discover t-shirt each, we said our goodbyes and I left for some food at the next town when I received a message with a photo of myself and Tilc (the young lad who learnt to swim) and another invite to meet that night but I was tired and needed  night off the beer and early night…. surprised because they still hadn’t been to bed yet. I agreed to meet for dinner or lunch the next day.

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