Parking in Berlin…

I arrived in Berlin and straight away arrived at a place recommended by a friend in a Wagonplatz (area for van living). These areas are really good because other van users look out for each other, they can live their full time or part time but normally someone is around to say hello to. Also, these areas are free to park which is good. The only downfall I had was it was on the road and I’m a light sleeper so I sometimes work up in the middle of the night.

Few things to note regarding parking in Berlin.

1. Remember to park in the direction of travel, above you can see my van parked the WRONG way and this can result in a 15 Euro fine.

Coloured stickers showing the emission group of a vehicle were introduced in order to identify low-emission vehicles. Every vehicle in an environmental zone in Germany must display the required sticker on the windscreen, making it easy to monitor the environmental zone. The basis for the marking requirement is the 35th ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Act – Marking Ordinance (35. BImSchV). The stickers apply in every low emission zone in Germany.

Each city specifies which sticker is required to drive in its environmental zone with an extra sign below the traffic sign.
Signs for the start of an environmental zone
Berlin requires the green sticker, which stands for the emission group with the lowest level of pollutants.

Failure to have this sticker in your window can also result in a fine.

Foreign-registered vehicles also require a sticker. It can be ordered from the English website of the Berlin motor vehicle licensing authority under

You can find more information on the Marking Ordinance below.

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