Travelling alone, meeting people…

Travelling alone was always going to be hard but only if you let it be hard if you don’t get in touch with friends while away or make new friends while on the road. It was important for me to meet people on the road and put the effort in to talk to people, one advantage was my Explore & Discover travel wear range that I could talk to people about….but I’ve already found this to be only to travellers who speak English.
One area where more English speaking people would be is Hostels, plenty of English speaking travellers. I met a great group in Hannover (photo below) when I went to a pub to watch the champions league final and it was the Hanover Beer Festival too so I fitted right in.
Another important factor from me coming from a fitness background is to keep healthy and fit. Yes I know beer and fitness don’t really mix but as long as I keep active and eat better I should be okay. The other night in Lostau I went for a great run while the sun was setting and ran a good 7km-8km and felt great for it.

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