Great day & night in Berlin…

On my 3rd night in Berlin I went back into the Plus Hostel to have a beer and decided to book a cheap dorm so I could get a shower and have a nice swim in the morning. While I was waiting at the bar a group of English women were stood next to me and I said hi, they invited me to join them for a drink and told them what I was doing by travelling Europe in my self-built campervan. After a drink, they invited to join them for more drinks in the town so I got ready and went back out with them, I was surprised since I guessed all their ages wrong and I was way off, this also backfired since it made me feel old too. (Hannah, Laura and Channy) were from the Liverpool and Manchester area. They were really cool women and was there just to enjoy themselves like you would when going away for few days in Berlin.
We partied and hit the town about 11pm, had some great drink/cocktails in the city, Hannah got married in a Mexican place (not real), had an interesting taxi ride to a shockingly bad club to start with, had a laugh when Channy tried drinking her drink through a pretzel stick of the bar thinking it was a small straw, met a really cool guy playing the Xylophone under a bridge near the club, his FB page is “Xylophone Jams” (Mr Jam) He is from Edinburgh but lives in Berlin now – finally went to a good club called Matrix (open every night in Berlin), danced in a massive bird cage on the dance floor, and finally left the club at 6am which was a shock when it was daylight….and we looked liked this (below) with Mr Xylophone Jams at 6am ready for bed.
The next day I woke up not having much sleep and checked out the hostel (last min booking when decided to out with the girls) having an awesome shower but was in the female changing by accident….typical hangover mistake. I went back to the van to find my van had a ticket on but it wasn’t for not paying (the machine weren’t in use until the 1st July, I saw a warden and asked him what the ticket was for and he said it’s because I didn’t have a green 4 sticker in the window (this was a Pollution ticket for the centre of Berlin). He actually said not to worry for one more night as I was leaving but next time to buy one from the petrol station. I moved the van back to be safe and then had another nap to try to feel better. I got a text off Hannah saying if I wanted to join them in the park to chill, so I said I did via Burgermeister….best burgers in Berlin (worth a visit if you’re near the East Side Gallery on the Berlin wall).
All the girls didn’t feel great either but when I took my Burger they saw how good it looked and when walking back they also bought one each….great recommendation.
Then after that, I don’t know how it happened but I became their tour guide on my scooter of the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery.
Overall it was great to meet these women and I think it’s important to meet good people like this if you can if you’re travelling alone and hopefully making friends for life.  Thank you for a great few days 🙂

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