Giffaumont-Champaubert France…

Wednesday 31st May – I left the Paris area and I wanted to do abit of driving out of the Paris area so I headed towards the Champagne area and visited Chalon-en-Champgne. By that point, I was actually tired as I didn’t sleep well in the van so I had a power nap. I also stopped off at Decathlon and bought a micro-scooter like Matt had, only because my folding bike back wheel did break and I think it will be easier to get around Europe cities on the micro-scooter as these are very popular in Europe. I then drove on more to a nice village called Giffaumont-Champaubert. If you turn into the village and drive down to the bottom of the road there is a nice sport to stay the night near the lake side.

Also a campsite near the marina has a shower in the pool area you can use to freshen up, plus it had water tap to fill out my van water. I got my drone out for the sunset as it looked really nice over the water while I was having some down time.

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