Chateau de Versailles and Paris…

Tuesday 30th May – We packed up camp and got an early start. The lads were going back to the UK but not until the evening so we all drove north to Versailles and went to Chateau de Versailles until 2pm, really nice place.

We didn’t end up going in the Palace because of time but we went into the gardens it was really nice to view and finish off a good weekend (not your normal stag do but it was really good).

After that we said our goodbyes, they set off for Dunkirk and I headed towards Paris to visit for the afternoon and evening. I parked up in Le Parq and got the train into Paris as it was only 10Euro return and saved parking and time. I saw some of the views (Notre dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elyees, Arc de Triomphe) for a few hours and returned after sunset about 10pm.

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