The Fridge & Batteries…

I first bought a 3-way fridge but personally didn’t want to run the fridge on Gas just for safety measures. I will be coming across very hot temperatures in Europe and only wanted to use my LPG to cook with.

After 6 months I upgraded my 12v “110ah” Leisure batteries (shown in the below photo) to 2 x 6volt 220ah I decided to buy a small counter fridge that was A++ rated and this seemed to keep its temperature better than the old one so its wasn’t on as much. The fitting is very close to the double bed when it’s pulled out and started to scratch the door so I bought a sign to stick over the door to protect it and set the fridge back a few millimeters.

The fridge runs from a 500watt sine wave inverter from the batteries, also have an option to run off 240v when hooked up at a campsite but I wasn’t planning to stay on many campsites anyway. I also updated the sinewave converter to the one in the photo as well as installing a split charger from the van engine batteries to keep these charged if I don’t have a sunny day.

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