DVLA & Insurance

Getting the minibus status changed to motorcaravan with the DVLA and insurance.
Insurance for the van is a lot cheaper if you get the status changed to Motorcaravan. The DVLA ask for proof of the conversion and you have to send off photos and a covering letter of the following points:
1. External door to the living accommodation
2: A bed which has a minimum length of 1800mm
3. Water storage tank
4. A seating and dining table (my fold up table)
5. A permanent fixed means of storage
6. Cooking facility powered by Gas or Electric
7. At least one window on the side (Have plenty of those)
Insurance– once you have the Motorcaravan status your insurance will be cheaper because most of these are on the road less so less likely to cause or be in an accident.
Things to remember when shopping for insurance:
1. Annual mileage (they ask for proof)
2. Traveling to Europe and how long for? Most include 3 months but check this as I needed 12 months in Europe.
3. Other drivers. If your going alone that’s fine but if two or more and you’re going to share the driving then make sure you include this.

2 thoughts on “DVLA & Insurance

    1. Hi Spirit Of Adventure (Jules) I’m currently with BG insurance and I get 90 days cover included, timing was just right for me as I’ll be renewing in August and getting another 90 days but I may get 12 months Europe cover this time with AdrianFlux who seem to be the best for converted vans and campervans. I also upped my mileage to 9000 as I only got 5000 to start with and this cost me £60 so you may as well ask for this at the start to avoid any admin fees. Thanks for liking the Blog, I just like sharing some of the experience so far….just sat here now writing a blog on nutrition. All the best on your adventure. Phil – Campervanbuuren


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