Solar panels…

Inside the van was nearly done, and started to get very excited the van was nearly finished. The next big job was to install the Solar panels. I looked around and received feedback from some friends and they recommended Bimble Solar in Brighton, UK. I contacted them and arranged to buy 2 used 175w ones.

I got them home and I asked my friend Matt to help install. I prepped the panels with the cables and then asked Matt to come down one day. I decided to stick the panels to the roof as I have a fibreglass roof and it would of been hard to drill through without cracking the roof.

I also came across a problem…..I couldn’t fit 2 panels on the roof because of the wind ridges on my roof. I used Sikaflex to stick it to the roof and fed the cables through a feed box. As you can see from the photos we didn’t have the best weather but managed to get the job done in one day.

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