The Propex Heater…

So it was getting to October/November and I decided to install a Propex heater in the campervan. I test drove the campervan to Scotland/Isle of Skye in August and even though it was summer, some of the nights became cold. My friend Matt was currently converting a Bambi campervan into a Camper/Retail unit. He literally ripped everything out of the Bambi and sold me a few things like the Propex heater and the gas stove. I started to install the Propex heater towards the back of the van to the side of my bed.
I had some problems installing the electrics but my friend Mike (Vandogtraveller) helped me with the electrics. The Propex heater linked to a gas manifold which is connected to the LPG gas bottle.
Wanted to say thanks to Matt and Mike helping out again 🙂

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