Rock and Roll bed….

I wanted to install a 3/4 rock and roll type bed that folds away into a double seat to give me practical space for the cooking area and a fold up table. I first bought plans to make the frame myself as it looked simple, but after receiving the plans the steel alone was quite expensive. I decided to look around at rock and roll bed frames already made up and I found a company in Leicestershire on ebay who made them for £160 ( I went to collect it and brought it home. I measured the spaces for the panels and cut ply wood to fit these gaps. I then bought some caravan seat foam again of Ebay and cut to size. I simply cut to shape and then with a black sheet covered, stapled and stitched the edges to leave a neat tidy finish. I used Velcro to attach the cushions to the frame. The bed is surprisingly comfortable, I was very happy with the final product.

Bed as seat

Rock and Roll bed folded up as a double seat.


Seat pulled out to turn into a bed.

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