The kitchen units…

So after insulating the ceiling and walls I started to build the until for my kitchen area. The units needed to hold the following: Sink, Cooker, small fridge, LPG gas bottle, LPG heater, some storage, and case all my electrics including leisure batteries and wires.

I managed to find some cheap local kitchen units on Gumtree, this would save me time to build, I just needed to build the doors and place a worktop on top.


While making the units I found a problem, the units were too deep. I had to cut the units down and on a slight angle to follow the contour of the van walls. Remember me saying I found the Sink in the disused factory across the road?, well I also found the worktop and I just needed to cut down to size and cut two square holes for the sink and the cooker.


This photo was taken just before I made the doors for the units, I managed to get the sink and cooker fitted and was happy with it. I kept the plastic protector on the worktop until I had finished the whole work, just to protect it.


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