More insulation and mains hookup…

After getting Van Buuren home I realised how big the van was for my small driveway, not much space to work with to build the inside of the van. No cover, limited space, no storage for my parts so the only option was to use my dining room as a storage and a gazebo for a outdoor workshop.


It was time to build and install the kitchen units ready for the sink, cooker and worktop. I has a problem when I forget I only insulated the roof when I was in the garage, so first of all I needed to insulate the lower half under the windows with silver bubble foil and wool insulation. The wires where already in but I also needed to install a mains hookup plug.


Below I cut the hole in the side of the van so I could install the hookup plug, I wasn’t too sure what to do but did my best by marking out the shape, drilling 4 holes in each corner and jigsaw cut the square hole….it worked. I sanded down the sharp edges, treated with primer to prevent rusting then stuck and sealed the plug using the same PU18 adhesive for the gutter. Overall I was very happy with the finish………now to start on the units finally.


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