Finders keepers…

Just before I moved the van out the garage, the factory across the road was getting cleared out by a company and noticed lots of wood was getting thrown away. I asked the workmen if they minded me looking for bits after telling them I was converting the van. They said to help myself and let them know once i’m done. I managed to find the following to use and saved a lot on money: small Belfast style sink,


 worktop for the sink and cooker to sit in, plywood to make the cupboard doors, roof flashing I used to insulate and sound proof some areas, roof insulation I used to insulate the walls and ceiling.

Just from salvaging these bits I saved around £200 on materials.

This is what I used the roof flashing for. After putting this under the floor mat it reduced the sound from the engine and drive shaft. It also stopped any vibrating metal panels.


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