Paint job and home time…

The time had come for the van to be removed from the indoors garage and to my home location on the driveway. By this point I had sprayed the van with 11 cans of spray paint, I was so surprised with the finish quality from a spray can. This is what the van looked like when i drove it out the garage for the first time.


 This was also the first time I’d driven something this big on the road. Once I got it home I started to clear the inside out as i’d already insulated the ceiling and walls with the silver foil insulation. I had also placed the 12 volt wires where they needed to be for the fridge, heater, lights, 12v USB point, sockets and water pump.


All I needed to do for the ceiling is make 4 holes for the LED lights and screw the ceiling back up. I asked my brother who is an electrician to help install these lights and place the ceiling back up as it was a two man job.

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