Rear doors…

The rear doors that were on the mini bus needed attention as they were very rusted at the bottom. They also had large windows which i wasn’t too keen on as I already had 6 windows to the rear. I asked my fried Matt to help cut off the rust and re-weld some steel to the rear of the doors. Matt was just learning to weld so I let him practice on my van in exchange of no charge for the work. The day after I noticed the doors wouldn’t close properly. this was due to Matt using to thick of steel he welded on, causing the doors to mis-shape slightly and wouldn’t close.
I told Dave and Chris (The owners of the garage who I bought the van from) and then they said they had 2 transit rear doors they forgot about in the back of the garage for sale. I did a deal with them that I would have them if they could take my old ones off and fit these ones.
white doors20160226_111213
They needed a clean, some holes filling and painting. Good thing about these doors is they had no windows so people couldn’t see into the van from the back. Plus a lock catch so I could place an extra padlock on for extra security.
After cleaning the doors I started to undercoat then and start spraying using spray cans.

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